Following the success of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ in the rest of the world, Greeks got the chance to watch some of their stars bust a move. Sponsored by the nation’s leading Telecommunications provider, Cosmote, we were asked to create a couple of 10 second fillers for their sponsorship. Following the company’s long running ‘We see the world like you do’ campaign, the end result is exactly what the brief stated: A music box style Earth revealing a couple of toy figurines in a classic tango position. Thankfully without the complimentary back ache that comes with dancing.

Agency: BoldOgilvy
Production Company/ Sound Design: Stefi Productions
Character Modelling / Shading: Christos Dolgeras
3D Animation / Lighting / Post Production / Creative Direction: Monologue

myinfo—Music-box inspired filler, as part of Cosmote’s sponsorship of Dancing With The (Greek) Stars.—myinfo