The idea behind Apergies (Strikes) 2011 was conceived during the Winter of 2010, a period when mass transit strikes where an every day phenomenon in Greece. We thought about developing an iPhone application that would provide users with information regarding said ongoing strikes, making their everyday lives just a little bit easier.

After some initial rough sketches, we decided to split the interface in four screens, displaying daily strike information, strikes by day, strikes by type of transportation, and an About page respectively, all wrapped up in a kind of dark, decayed design that may be a little more sarcastic than your average iPhone interface, but it's practical nonetheless. We followed the same approach with the application's logo design as well, trying to convey as much information about the application's purpose as we could, without getting too literal.

Apergies 2011 is available in the App Store. A free ad-supported version is available as well.

Concept: Monologue
Development: Monologue
UX Design: Monologue

myinfo---iPhone app that provides you with information about ongoing strikes in Greece, concerning public transportation.---myinfo
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