We're big fans of camping here at Monologue, so developing an iPhone guide for all other campers out there only felt natural (no pun intended). The application provides users with extensive lists of Greek campsites, including their photos, facilities, GPS locations and reviews. It also features pre-made checklists with everything you might need at camping, practically sorted in three categories depending on the number of days the user will be camping. There's also a handy information screen with useful phone numbers and websites in the case they're needed.

It was made clear from the beginning that I Love Camping's interface shouldn't look too high-tech. Instead, what we did was create a subtle mix of natural elements drawn in a comic, vintage fashion with each screen having a different theme, but in a way that none of them strays too far from the concept of camping. It features custom-made button icons, a pastel color palette that makes it pleasant and relaxing to look at, and a stencil-type icon that wraps up the vintage style and acts as the finishing touch.

I ♥ Camping is available at the App Store.

Concept: Monologue
Development: Monologue
UX Design: Monologue

myinfo---The complete camping guide for Greece. For iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.---myinfo