Silly Monsters have arrived and you will love them!

Silly Monsters Music is an exciting way for kids and parents to have fun, by playing music on the iPad.

Absolutely adorable Silly Monsters!

Each Silly Monster is an interactive playful character that comes with a musical instrument, making funny faces and sounds as your kid interacts with it! You can play music by touching its musical teeth, have a laugh poking his eyes or squeezing his nose! Also, it's packed with its unique *Silly Mode* and a pair of party music loops to play over your awesome melodies!

Pick up your favorite Silly Monster and let your little one have fun and develop his musical hearing at the same time, by showing off his talent in playing the Piano or Xylophone, with more musical instruments coming soon!

Amazing *Silly Mode*

Enter *Silly Mode* and your Silly Monster dreams stuff like Farm Animals, or Fruits, helping your kid learn with beautifully illustrated doodles!

Outstanding graphics for the new iPad retina display and high quality sounds!

Silly Monsters Music is available at the App Store.

Concept: Monologue
Development: Monologue
UX Design: Monologue

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