Illustrator Christina Tsevis is one of those artists who’ve put so much effort in mastering their craft (and still do), that makes their work instantly recognized by their distinctive style and technique.

Friendship aside, it’s probably one of the many reasons why we accepted to give a helping hand and turn her version of Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll’s more than a century old fairytale for grownups, into an animation for her speech at 2010’s Panorama Design. The minute long clip feels like a surreal thrill ride through her illustrations (portraying some of the tale’s key scenes), with a half-dream, half-nightmare feeling that sits just right with Radiohead’s equally eerie soundtrack.

You can view more of Christina’s work at

Illustration: Christina Tsevis
Animation: Monologue
Music: Radiohead – The Amazing Sounds of Orgy

myinfo—Christina Tsevis’ illustrations of Alice in Wonderland animated, as part of her Panorama Design 2010 presentation.—myinfo