This brief from The Newtons can be summed up in just a couple of sentences: “Here’s a video we did for Wind a while back. Now make it look like it’s Christmas.” The original commercial – created by Velvet’s visual effects superstars in Munich – featured a whole bunch of cheeky “App characters” jumping out of smartphones and busting moves in one of Wind’s shops. Our job was to remix the whole thing for Christmas, and after 2 weeks of planning, 2500 frames of rotoscoping, some of the toughest technical roadblocks in (our) history, and what must have been the most fun we’ve ever had with Santa Claus and a green screen, that’s exactly what we did.

Watch Velvet’s original commercial here.

We’ve also put together a very quick making of, here.

Agency: The Newtons
Original TVC Production Company: GreenOlive Films
Original TVC VFX: Velvet
Original TVC Director: Matthias Zentner
Christmas Edition VFX: Monologue

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