We’ve been admirers of Charis Tsevis’ work for as long as we’ve been friends, back when all of us at Monologue were still taking our baby design steps at AKTO, the leading art & design institute of Greece. We’ve always flirted with the idea of animating Charis’ famous mosaics, just for the sheer challenge of it, so when we got a call from him, asking for help with the institute’s 2012 TVC, we just couldn’t resist. Not only were we given the chance to work with one of the most successful designers both locally and internationally, which we consider an honor, but we would also be creating the commercial for the school where we learned some really cool things, and where we made some really good friends, which is just awesome! The spot was almost entirely made by AKTO staff, students and graduates and it features one of four posters illustrated by Tsevis for the campaign.

Motion Design: Monologue
Art Direction / Illustration: Charis Tsevis (www.tsevis.com)
Concept / Production: Giorgos Botsos
Photography: Stefanos Samios (www.greyimages.gr)
Coordination: Zoe Athanasopoulou
Music / Sound Design: Oxyzed

myinfo—TV Commercial for AKTO, the leading Art & Design institute in Greece.—myinfo