Many people might not be familiar with Pokka coffee, but why should they? It’s only the Japanese brand that helped establish the canned coffee as we know it today! They thrive in far away Cyprus as well, where Pokka shares a proud 80% in the canned coffee market. So we were more than happy to help with rebooting the 10-year-long TV campaign that introduced the brand to Cypriots. The 18” spot shows how a single coffee bean spans a magical cloud of related themes, or what we liked to call “The Essence”, before finally getting sucked inside a can of Pokka coffee. It stars Michalis Chatzigiannis, the pop singer whose song “Our Short Stories” became what would be widely known as the anthem of Pokka, at least to fellow Cypriots.

Production Company: GreenOliveFilms
Concept / Pre Production / Motion Design / Direction: Monologue

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